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2013 National Black Members' Conference
18 September 2012

Conference notes recent reports from Amnesty International about the detention centres in Libya. Far from the situation improving since the Gadaffi government was overthrown; the government security forces continue to arrest Black men from a number of African countries such as Nigeria and Mali accusing them of being mercenary’s who were fighting on behalf of Gadaffi.

Whilst some are refugees from other African countries, others have lived in Libya for over ten years with their families. Reports are emerging that these innocent men are being beaten and abused regularly whilst being detained without any human rights protection afforded to them.

Libya does not recognize the right to seek asylum, and has yet to sign the UN Convention on Refugees. This means that in practice all asylum-seekers and refugees are treated like irregular migrants; arrested and sent to cramped detention centres across the country

Conference calls on the NBMC to work with the NEC to:

1)Find out more on the detention of our Black brothers in Libya through our international committee

2)Report back the findings and any initiatives of support UNISON can give, to bring this to the attention of the United Nations.

3)Update National Black Members Conference 2014 on this piece of work.