Police and Crime Commissioners

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2012 Police & Justice Conference
13 June 2012
Carried as Amended

This Conference expresses its growing concern about government privatisation policies that will affect the terms and conditions of police and justice staff acting under the responsibility of police and crime commissioners. We welcome the anti privatisation campaign that was launched at UNISON’s national delegate conference 2012 partly in response to moves by the West Midlands and Surrey forces who were moving towards privatisation on similar grounds to that which has taken place in Lincolnshire. Conferences congratulates the campaign run in the West Midlands which has resulted in these moves being put on hold. What has followed is the announcements by Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire forces to adopt a G4S contract to deliver police services affecting our members.

Privatisation will have an increasing and detrimental impact on disabled members. Issues such as workplace re-location, disability leave, career and promotional procedures, training opportunities and measure to ensure that disabled workers have the necessary reasonable adjustments in order to work in a barrier free environment are under threat.

This Conference calls upon the Police and Justice Service Group Executive to:

a)Seek examples from police and justice branches about the impact of privatisation on disabled members

b)Include a disability dimension to the UNISON anti privatisation campaign

c)Report on developments to the Police and Justice Conference 2013

Submitted by the Disabled Members’ Self Organised Group