Workfare is unfair

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2012 National Delegate Conference
9 February 2012
Carried as Amended

Conference opposes workfare which is simply a charter for unscrupulous employers to exploit workers and maximise profits, forcing people to take up unpaid work under the threat of losing their Job Seeker’s Allowance.

Conference condemns the scandalous workfare stories coming to light – such as that of a young woman forced to give up voluntary work in a museum to take up a workfare position in Poundland.

Conference believes the most effective response to workfare is to build effective and sustainable trade union organisation in the workplace, defending the right to a negotiated rate of pay, or at least statutory minimum wage where no negotiated rate exists.

Conference calls on the National Executive Council to ensure the scandal of workfare is publicised to the membership and to ensure UNISON voices its opposition to this forced unpaid labour through all appropriate channels.