Cuts in Further Education

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2012 Local Government Service Group Conference
24 February 2012
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with anger and concern the difficulties that Further Education has faced in the last few years and continues to face. There have been cuts across the FE Sector throughout the UK.

In Scotland, there is a 30% funding cut over 3 years. There have been over 1000 job losses and many of these were by compulsory redundancy. Conference is particularly concerned about the Scottish Governments comments about the savings mainly coming from “backroom staff” and the plans to merge 41 colleges into 12.

Conference strongly supports the Scottish Campaign for

1)improved funding;

2)no compulsory redundancies;

3)stopping and reversing privatisation;

4)highlighting the important role that support staff play in making colleges successful.

Conference welcomes that the colleges in Scotland may at long last move to National Bargaining, but is really concerned that this is being done on the back of huge budget cuts. Terms, conditions and pay should not be levelled down.

Conference agrees to

a)Strongly support Scotland’s Further Education Campaign;

b)Encourage branches and colleges to work with communities to stress the importance of colleges;

c)Support and provide appropriate resources to help ensure that Scotland’s National Bargaining is successful;

d)Encourage branches and FE college stewards to work together co-operatively.