Ukrainian State Discrimination

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2012 National LGBT Conference
26 July 2012

Conference notes with deep concern moves in the Ukrainian parliament for a bill restricting the distribution of and access to information “promoting homosexuality”. The bill would amend several laws including the law on protection of public morals, the law on print media, the law on television and radio broadcasting, the law on publishing and the Criminal Code.

Conference believes that the provisions of the bill, if adopted, would directly discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in the exercise of their right to freedom of expression. Passing the bill would fly in the face of Ukraine’s international obligations to protect the right to freedom of expression and prohibit discrimination.

Conference calls on the National LGBT Committee to:

1) Work with Amnesty International, Labour Link, the National Executive Committee and ILGA to ensure that the support of our union is given in the most effective way possible to the struggle against the attacks on basic human rights in the Ukraine;

2) Make representations to the European Parliament, Commission and Council of Europe calling on those bodies to make representation to the Ukrainian government and parliament calling on them to reject the bill restricting the distribution of and access to information “promoting homosexuality”, and to uphold Articles 10 (Freedom of expression) and 11 (Freedom of assembly and association) of the European Convention on Human Rights, by protecting, respecting and fulfilling the rights of our LGBT sisters and brothers without any discrimination.