Disability Leave Scheme

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2012 Health Care Service Group Conference
16 December 2011

Conference notes that Disability Leave Scheme is not used consistently across all NHS employers because it may not be supported or easily available to employees within their NHS organisation.

Disability Leave Scheme is fundamental in supporting employees with disabilities whose condition may have deteriorated or are receiving new medication, with a period of time off work to adjust to the change in personal and professional circumstances. During this period of leave, the employee is able to assess their disability or condition and how it affects their job role, but most importantly it bridges the gap between sickness and a return to work.

Conference therefore calls upon Health Group Executive to:

1)Raise the NHS Staff Council to promote this scheme actively to the employer

2)Carry out a survey amongst branches to identify whether they have this scheme in current policies within their organisation

3)Identify how many disabled employees use this scheme

4)Identify if the scheme is promoted through equality and diversity training for employees

5)For branches to raise awareness through partnership working with their employers