Defending Admin & Clerical Jobs in the NHS

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2012 Health Care Service Group Conference
16 December 2011

Conference is proud of the approach that UNISON has taken over the years that the NHS only functions efficiently because of “the whole team”.

Conference notes that the Autumn Statement almost doubled the numbers of public service staff who will lose their jobs as part of the austerity UK Government’s programme.

Conference believes that the brunt of these job cuts in the NHS may be within the Admin & Clerical Sector. Already we are seeing audio transcription replacing work of secretaries, electronic payroll systems administrated by managers replacing payroll staff and basic patient data being input into hospital systems by nursing staff replacing ward clerks. In addition jobs are being downgraded even after they were fairly job evaluated under the Agenda for Change process.

Conference further believes that cuts are taking place not due to technology changes but purely for financial sakes and the false economies of this results in higher banded posts picking up the remaining work which is not in the best interests of patient care. This also impacts on lower paid staff, as opportunities for promotion disappear.

Conference re-affirms its position that all staff are essential to the safe delivery of healthcare.

Conference calls on the SGE to:

1)Continue the “we are all Frontline” campaign.

2)Develop specific recruitment and organising materials for A&C staff, emphasising why Union membership is essential.

3)Work with regions to ensure that attacks on the A&C staff is effectively fought, involving Politicians as appropriate.

4)Undertake dedicated research into the technological changes which are being perceived as the drivers for change within this workforce.