Congratulate all those for achieving the yes vote in the pensions ballot

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2012 Health Care Service Group Conference
15 December 2011

Bucks Health branch of UNISON recognises all the hard work and effort that has gone into getting a yes vote for the pensions dispute, despite the state of the economy and with many fearing for their jobs.

We note that the lead given by the union leadership and branch activists has been successful in getting the yes vote and recruiting many more people to UNISON.

We believe that when UNISON is visible and active and leading from the front we are better able to protect our hard won terms and conditions, as it allows us the opportunities to talk to members and other local organisations and workers.

We recognise that our employers will be coming to attack our other conditions and that this will require similar strong and determined leadership if we are to protect them.

This branch calls upon the SGE to develop similar strong and determined campaigns up to and including lawful industrial action to defend all the hard won health service terms and conditions