Attacks on Agenda for Change in non-foundation trusts

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2012 Health Care Service Group Conference
15 December 2011

Conference notes that there have been attempts to make substantial changes to Agenda for Change terms and conditions, mostly among foundation trusts, such as making all incremental progression dependent on high levels of attendance, compliance with training, etc or in other areas imposing incremental freezes on top of the national pay award freeze.

Conference further notes that management in non-foundation trusts in some areas have attempted to impose local “freezes” to increments etc, sometimes in return for “no compulsory redundancy” agreements. This represents a clear breach of Agenda for Change terms and conditions, which all non-foundation trusts currently have to follow.

Conference believes that these are part of a systematic attempt to undermine Agenda for Change in a drive to cut costs, and compete with other providers in the drive towards fragmentation and privatisation of health.

Conference asserts that any attack on Agenda for Change terms and conditions should be resisted, both in foundation trusts which attempt to erode their employees’ terms and conditions, and particularly in non-foundation trusts. In particular, members should not be given the impossible choice of either impoverishing themselves or seeing jobs lost.

Conference therefore instructs the SGE, working with all parts of UNISON, to collate examples of this practice in non-foundation and foundation trusts.

Conference calls upon the SGE and the NEC to disseminate these findings as widely as possible and to commence a campaign on this issue, drawing members’ attention to the attacks on their terms and conditions and seeking to call a halt to this process.

Conference calls upon UNISON’s representatives on the National Staff Council to raise the issue at the appropriate meetings with Dept of Health/ NHS employers.