Professional development for young disabled workers

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2012 National Disabled Members' Conference
2 July 2012

This conference welcomes the recent survey on professional development for young public service workers by the National Young Members’ Forum which received more than 3000 replies, 98 (3%) of whom identified as disabled.

Comments made by disabled respondents included the following:

1)There’s less money in our department’s training budget available.

2)The only training available is compulsory training, no desirable professional development.

3) No support given from senior management when I have approached them about attending courses that would develop my career.

4)I have not been offered any support with my niche training to progress through the bands under agenda for change.

5)Training options have been limited at the best of times, but any courses that cost money have now been overruled. The best we have is to go to free courses and they’ll cover expenses to get there.

6)The funding for NVQ’s have stopped for non-apprentices.

Conference is concerned that 42% of the disabled members who replied felt that their training opportunities were worse over the past 12 months, than the previous year. This compares unfavourably with 30% amongst the non-disabled respondents.

Conference is further concerned that young disabled workers appear to be treated less well than non-disabled young workers as regards their access to training.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to raise this matter with service groups and press for it to be addressed through the bargaining agenda.