Stephen Lawrence

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2012 National Black Members' Conference
26 January 2012

Conference notes that on 3 January 2012, Stephen Lawrence and his parents finally received some justice, when Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of his racist murder.

Stephen Lawrence born on 13 September 1974, murdered by 5 white youths on 22 April 1993 just because he was Black – young and gifted.

For 18 years and 7 months Stephen’s parent’s Doreen and Neville Lawrence have fought a lengthy battle against the Police, the Justice System, and shamed a nation on the injustice inflicted on an innocent man. Their campaign helped make legal history by a change in the law of double jeopardy, leading to this historic trial and conviction.

Their undenying love for their son and their resilience in the search of justice has changed our nation forever.

On 3 January 2012 at the Old Bailey the verdict against 2 of those involved in this heinous act was announced and found them guilty of murder.

Conference believes that their search for justice is not over. Conference welcomes the statement made by the trial judge, Mr Justice Treacy during sentencing, urging the Metropolitan Police not to close the file and saying that only “a measure of justice” has been done while three or four other suspects remained at large.

Conference believes that without continuing pressure on the Metropolitan police, true justice will not be achieved. Conference believes that UNISON must continue to campaign for justice for Stephen Lawrence and to continue to support Doreen and Neville Lawrence in the years ahead.

Sir William McPherson’s Public Inquiry in 1999 made 70 recommendations surrounding policing, race and the law defining that institutionalised racism played a major part in the failings of the Metropolitan Police’s conduct and competency in dealing with this case – a national scandal. Conference believes that the institutional racism identified by the Stephen Lawrence report continues to hamper justice for the victims of racist murders.

In our hour of need we the people must come forward

Conference calls on the NBMC to seek to work with the NEC to:

1)Organise a vigil on Monday 23 April 2012 at the UNISON centre in remembrance of Stephen Lawrence and the continued campaign to bring his other murderers to justice.

2)Continue the campaign and support affiliated organisations in the fight against hate crimes

3)Hold a two minute silence at this year’s Black members’ conference 2012 in remembrance of Stephen Lawrence and other brothers and sisters who have been murdered for being Black.