Black Members and Pensions

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2012 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2011
Carried as Amended

While we all know the debate around Public Service pensions has reached a difficult and tense period, especially with all negotiations failing to be constructive and positive and the employers being more and more intransigent.

We still do not have a true picture of how the changes in the Public Service Pension scheme affect our Black members and their families. What we do know is that a disproportionately high number of Black workers are employed in the lowest paid jobs, which means that they may feel even less able or inclined to enter the pension scheme that operates in their workplace.

Conference, Black members need to become activists to assist and ensure their branch’s and regions are fully aware and supported in their attempts to work with local Black communities and Black led Third sector organisations whose funding is also being hit, the role of branch Black members SOG’s and Regional Black Members Committee’s have never been more crucial than at any other time in our collective history. It is really important that Black members who are young, women, disabled or LGBT are fully supported to become members of the pension scheme and also become pensions champions in their branches.

Conference, Black Members need to be more visible in all local, regional and national campaigns, UNISON is not only providing funding but also has a whole additional level of resources to assist us in promoting the benefits of being in the pension scheme.

We ask that the National Black Members Committee to:

1. Explore the opportunity to devise and issue a pamphlet which explains more about the effects of the changes in the Public Service pension schemes and their likely impact upon Black Members and their families.

2. That this pamphlet be made available to all members, using all UNISON Media and Press publications, including Black Action and available to branches in all regions in the next few months.

3. Commit to ongoing support and development of resources with the National Young Members Forum, National Women’s, National Disabled & National LGBT Committee’s which will highlight impact on young Black members, Black women members, Black Disabled members and Black LGBT members in both communities and in workplaces.