Women Apprentices

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2011 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
15 February 2011

Conference notes the report “Apprentices and Gender” produced by the TUC and YWCA in October 2010.

Conference is concerned that the report finds that “although the problems of occupational segregation, gender stereotyping, poor careers advice, low pay and lack of progression for women in the apprenticeships system is well documented and well understood, little progress has been made in recent years in terms of narrowing the gender pay gap or encouraging more women into non-traditional apprenticeships”.

This is as true of the apprenticeship schemes offered within the WET sector as elsewhere. The majority of women employees are concentrated in the low paid admin and clerical grades and few women take up the opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship schemes which are available.

Conference therefore calls upon the service group executive to work with branches and employers to actively encourage women – including current women employees – to apply for and participate in apprenticeships in non-traditional roles.