Impact of Water and Sewage Assets on Health & Safety.

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2011 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
28 February 2011
Carried as Amended

Because of how the Water Companies are funded by OFWAT whose priority is value for money for the consumer and also the companies adopting risk-based strategies in order to deliver maximum profits for their owners, very little money is spent on maintaining our assets. Customer pressure groups objecting to high profits and increasing bills compound the problem, with few giving thought to the conditions our operatives may be working in.

Whilst all the companies have their ‘show’ works and projects they are happy to bring Government Ministers and focus groups to visit and boast about, unfortunately many of our assets are nothing like this. They are archaic, patched-up and would have packed up years ago had it not been for of the skills of the workforce. These works are soul-destroying places to work and thus pose a risk to our members well-being.

Conference asks that the Water, Environment and Transport Executive raise the state of our assets through the National Health & Safety Committee so that this issue is given a much higher profile and we can monitor the conditions our operatives are working in.

Yorkshire Water Branch