Bus Services and Jobs Put at Risk

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2011 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
25 February 2011

Conference notes with great concern that many local bus services, particularly those serving rural areas, face an uncertain future. A high proportion of the funding for subsidised and tendered services comes from local authorities who themselves face significant cuts in their grant income from Government.

The continued viability of many community transport undertakings and the services they provide will be seriously called into question where funding is cut. The loss of these services will not only be a big personal blow to many vulnerable bus users but also to the dedicated staff who struggle to maintain decent service standards in often difficult circumstances.

Conference notes the close working relationship between the Executive and the Campaign for Better Transport and welcomes the launch of the Save our Bus campaign.

Conference further calls upon the Executive to support the Bus Sector in their efforts to protect the jobs of UNISON members and to support UNISON’s campaign against the Government’s austerity measures.