Rolling Out the Elder Abuse Campaign to Branches and Other Regions

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2011 Retired Members' Conference
14 June 2011

This Conference notes that elder abuse is the only form of abuse that is not a Statutary Specific Criminal Offence. There is a “Memorandum of Understanding”, that requires the Courts to take into account the age of the victim when considering punishment. The Greater London Regional Retired Members Committee are campaigning against elder abuse to ensure that the appropriate legislation is brought in, to give this vulnerable section of society the protection they deserve.

This conference further notes that increasing numbers of elderly suffer abuse at the hands of their carers every day and that regrettably the increasing number of elderly people going into care and ongoing privatisation of Elderly Care putting profit before care is likely to increase levels of abuse and neglect even further.

Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Members Committee to urge branches across the country to support the campaign against elder abuse, by promoting it amongst its members, asking them to sign the petition and also asking them to contact their MP asking them to raise the important issues in Parliament. The Greater London Region Retired Members Committees is looking to present the petitions on 15th June 2012, International Elder Abuse Awareness day to the Prime Minister.