Brains for Dementia Research

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2011 Retired Members' Conference
20 June 2011

Brains for Dementia Research is a partnership between Alzheimer’s Research Trust and Alzheimer’s Society which aims to promote brain donation and to develop a network of brain tissue banks for dementia research. The project is being run in association with the Medical Research Council.

Alzheimer’s disease is probably the best known cause of dementia but there are many more. One in three people over the age of 65 will die with dementia. By the year 2025 over a million people in the UK will have dementia. It is critical that we support research aimed at finding a cure or preventing dementia from developing as well as supporting research aimed at improving the care and support given to people living with dementia today.

Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to publicise, through interactive, information on the Alzheimer’s Society and on the donation of brain tissue for research purposes.