Workforce Monitoring – Moving Forward

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2011 National LGBT Conference
8 August 2011

Conference believes that, in the light of the Equality Act 2010, many employers are now confused about their legal duties and ignorant about good practice on workforce monitoring in respect of sexual orientation and gender identity. Conference further believes that we can use this confusion as a bargaining opportunity to push our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) equality agenda.

Conference notes that our policy is that we support workforce monitoring when there are already robust measures in place to promote LGB and T equality, the monitoring is for a valid reason and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Conference calls on the National LGBT Committee and regional LGBT groups to work with service groups and branches to:

1.Promote UNISON guidance on LGBT workforce monitoring;

2.Seek examples of good and bad practice in this area;

3.Use the practical examples to develop our own thinking and advice in this area.