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2011 National LGBT Conference
8 August 2011
Carried as Amended

Conference notes:

1.The ongoing threat from the far right and that cuts in essential public services, increasing poverty, and massive increases in unemployment, create the conditions in which the far right can increase its support.

2.The decision of National Delegate Conference 2011 that the campaign against the far right should be an integral part of the campaign to defend public services.

3.That the British National Party and English Defence League (EDL) have focused increasingly on targeting and attacking Muslims and Muslim communities.

4.EDL’s growing international links with established far right and anti-Islamic groups across Europe and in North America, and the emergence of copycat “defence leagues” in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands

5.The EDL claims to have a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) ‘section’ and uses this to pretend that it is defending LGBT rights.

Conference further notes that in April, EDL supporters used sightings of homophobic stickers in London to try to stir up hatred of Muslims and divisions between Muslims and LGBT people. They planned a so-called ‘Pride’ march through East London. The regional LGBT group worked with other unions and community organisations to expose the true nature of the event and the march was called off.

Conference reaffirms the resolution of the 2010 LGBT conference to do all in its power to resist any attempts to use LGBT rights as a cover for Islamophobia, racism and hatred, and welcomes the launch in July of the Hope not Hate LGBT network.

Conference notes that the National LGBT Committee’s Anti Far Right Strategy provides a framework for campaigns by our regional groups against the far right. It calls for regional groups to incorporate work against the EDL, the Scottish Defence League and other such groups into their work on fighting the far right and campaigning to defend public services.

Conference instructs the National LGBT Committee to continue to work with the Trades Union Congress LGBT Committee, Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism to fight the far right, and calls on all regional and branch groups to:

A.Publicise the real nature of the EDL and other ‘Defence Leagues’, and challenge the false claims made by the EDL that they are fighting to protect LGBT rights;

B.Publicise the Hope not Hate LGBT network and encourage all LGBT members to join;

C.Continue to challenge Islamophobia, racism and fascism in all of its guises.

D. Mainstream our message against the EDL and the Far Right at local pride events across the UK.

Conference further instructs National LGBT Committee to:

I.Update its ‘Million Voices Against the Far Right’ strategy to include emerging information regarding the EDL.

II.Gather information via regional groups as to the EDL’s activities within local LGBT communities.