Being Blackand Trans

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2011 National LGBT Conference
23 September 2011

Conference acknowledges the large steps that we have taken in recognising transgender issues and is aware of how far we still need to go in fighting transphobia.

However, we still need to highlight the issues that face some Black trans people. Hormone therapy increases the risk of stroke and deep vein thrombosis, while people with diabetes need additional careful monitoring. There is a higher incidence of these conditions amongst Black people. Additional medical issues include not undergoing surgery due to the increased risk of keloid scarring and being more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Endocrinology at UK gender identity clinics and Department of Health care pathways are based on the white population, which may or may not be appropriate for Black people. There are also social and cultural barriers.

Conference calls on the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) committee to work with appropriate bodies to raise awareness of these issues, calling on the NHS for more awareness of the diversity of transgender patients.