Copper Theft

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2011 Energy Service Group Conference
1 March 2011

Health and Safety: Copper theft from Distribution Networks.

As the price of scrap metal soars even higher so the growing temptations to steal scrap metal particularly copper – increases. More Distribution Network Organisations have to deal with the real threat posed by the theft of copper both from substations and off the live Network. This poses a double threat both to individuals engaged in this illegal activity and to electricity personnel working on the Network where copper insulation is removed.

We call upon the Energy Service Group executive to write to OFGEM identifying this threat and to request Capital Allowances are factored into on-going Distribution Price Reviews to:

(1)Ensure educational visits are funded to schools, colleges and community groups to raise awareness of this dual risk;

(2)Provide funds to DNOs to strengthen and enhance security at substations;

(3)Fund a media campaign to identify and illustrate the dangers both to individuals working on the Network and those engaged in theft:

(4)Co-ordinate a policy in respect of lone workers particularly at remote locations where staff may be vulnerable or may have been subjected to threats:

Western Energy Branch

22nd February 2011.