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2011 National Disabled Members' Conference
15 July 2011
Carried as Amended

Conference is concerned about the State Orchestrated Discrimination aimed at disabled people. We have fought prejudice, attitudes and institutional discrimination but none of these are as the fight we now face. This isn’t about employers or service providers discriminating. The government won’t support our fight against State Orchestrated Discrimination because they are causing it.

The state is cutting essential services that we need to survive like health care, day centres and advocacy support. Surely this is discrimination!!!!

The state is cutting the support needed access services that other people take for granted like information in alternative formats. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The state is cutting benefits for disabled people who can’t work based on medicals carried out by doctors in private organisations who are paid on results. Robbing disabled people to pay the rich. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The state is cutting DLA funding 20% and recipients will undergo intrusive medicals aimed solely at reducing support. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The state is cutting Disabled Employment Advisers because this can be done by anyone at Job Centre Plus without any training. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The state is cutting Access to Work funding so we won’t get the support we need to get or retain a job. Surely this is discrimination!!!

Just when we think it can’t get any worse Philip davies MP says disabled people should work for less than the minimum wage. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The government won’t protect us as they are the ones discriminating or forcing others to discriminate against us. Surely this is discrimination!!!

The courts can’t protect us because equality legislation for disabled people has been weakened. Surely this is discrimination!!!

Cuts to local councils will result in fewer carers receiving help before crisis point, a higher risk of physical and mental breakdown resulting in the disabled person needing expensive residential care as well as the prospective of the carer being disabled as well. Surely this is discrimination!!!

1 in 4 households contain a disabled person, 20% of people have a disability. Millions of people are suffering from State Orchestrated Discrimination and we must use this to gain public support for our fight against government cuts.

This conference calls upon National Disabled Members Committee to work with NEC to:

1.Collect evidence of the impact of State Orchestrated Discrimination on disabled people;

2.Use this evidence to raise awareness of State Orchestrated Discrimination in all press and media interviews;

3. Work with carers organisations to gather evidence on the impact of state orchestrated discrimination on carers generally and in particular those who are unpaid and the effect this has on disabled people.

4.Encourage region and branches to contact their local MP’s to raise issues relating to State Orchestrated Discrimination in Parliament; and

5.Include steps to fight State Orchestrated Discrimination in all campaigns and action against government cuts.

6. Work with the Hardest Hit Campaign to fight government cuts for disabled people