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2011 National Black Members' Conference
8 September 2010

In June 2009 a proposal to raise public funding to erect a monument to this positive Black female pioneer and her significant achievements was aired on national television.

The ambition to erect a statue of her “going forth”, to be sited in St Thomas’ Hospital grounds on the lawn opposite the Houses of Parliament, was rolled out to the public and very soon disappeared from the media spotlight.

This permanent reminder to adjust the view that the only nursing hero of the Crimean War was Florence Nightingale needs a large boost to bring about the commission.

The proposed sculpture will cost £500,000 and UNISON, alongside the £100,000 already raised should be seeking donations to bring this realistically within scope.

The National Black Member’s Committee have a duty to promote positive female imagery and to endorse this project through to fruition and to this end, Conference calls upon the National Black Member’s Committee to:

1. Work with relevant UNISON bodies to initiate a fundraising campaign.

2.Work with the wider union to publicise this cause and make it a reality.

3.Urge branches, regions and other Self Organised Groups to contribute donations.

4.Liaise with other groups and organisations, including the health service group executive and the department of health, to partner in fundraising activities.