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2010 National Women's Conference
11 December 2009

Conference notes that in November 2009, Breast Cancer UK launched a campaign calling on the government and devolved nations to take action to end the use of controversial chemical, Bisphenol-A (commonly abbreviated to BPA), in baby bottles.

Already voluntarily withdrawn from shelves in Canada and the USA, polycarbonate baby bottles made with BPA are still available in the UK, despite clear and compelling scientific evidence in lab experiments which have linked even low level exposure to increased risk of breast cancer and other chronic conditions.

BPA was identified as a potential carcinogen in the 2005 research Breast Cancer – and environmental disease, which was part funded by UNISON, but BPA continues to be used.

Conference therefore calls upon the National Women’s Committee to campaign with Breast Cancer UK and other supporters for legislation to be put into place to prevent the use of BPA in the making of baby bottles, food containers and formula tins.