Temporary Blue Badges

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2010 Retired Members' Conference
10 June 2010

Conference notes that many pensioners encounter varying levels of mobility problems as they get older. On occasions pensioners will find themselves incapacitated for limited periods of time which are temporary but which cause a serious lack of mobility for the duration of the incapacity. At such time access to a blue badge would make a significant and positive difference to their lives.

Conference believes that there should be a temporary blue badge scheme for pensioners which allows those with such temporary incapacity to enjoy the benefits of the easier access which these badges confer. A scheme that offered a 3 month renewable blue badge would seem to provide the ideal solution.

Conference acknowledges that such a scheme would need to have the same safeguards and strict criteria that apply to the existing blue badge scheme in order to ensure that only genuine applicants would be eligible for the temporary badges.

Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to:

i. liaise with the National Executive Council and other appropriate bodies about ways of progressing this initiative in particular the viability of a 3 month renewable blue badge scheme specifically for pensioners;

ii. report back to Retired Members’ Conference in 2011.