Pensioners and Means Tested Benefits

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2010 Retired Members' Conference
22 June 2010

As the value of the state pension has fallen by a huge amount since 1979, many pensioners are eligible for means-tested additions. The application forms for these additions are long and complicated. Often more than one form is required to determine other pensioner benefits. Many pensioners do not claim these benefits partly because of lack of assistance and the perceived stigma of applying for means-tested benefits. Changes in circumstances will require new applications.

Conference therefore instructs UNISON’s National Retired Members’ Committee to seek support from the National Executive Council to work with relevant outside organisations to:

i. obtain a simplification of the application processes for pensioners’ means-tested benefits;

ii. require central and local government to provide adequate assistance for completion of such application forms;

iii. campaign for the introduction, in principle, of adequate state pensions at the National Pensioners’ Convention advocated level.