Hospitals and Wards, Treatment and Support Services

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2010 Retired Members' Conference
4 May 2010
Carried as Amended

Many hospitals and wards, treatment and support services are being closed or threatened with closure up and down the country.

Before hospital closures and mergers started most hospitals were serviced by a good bus service, but now many elderly patients have to travel on two or three buses in order to reach their alternative establishments.

Taxis are expensive and relatives cannot always take time off work to take their elderly relatives to hospital. A lot of pensioners live on their own and if they fall or collapse, they may not be found in time, thus putting their lives more at risk because of the longer journey to get to hospital or treatment centre.

This Conference, through our National Retired Members’ Committee calls upon the National Executive Council.

i. To put pressure on the government to leave these hospitals and support services alone and to consider the needs of the elderly population of this country.

ii. To support the continued provision of our local health services to enable patients, particularly pensioners to reach them easily and cheaply.