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2010 Retired Members' Conference
20 May 2010

Conference notes that UNISON rule D6 provides only for the retired members of a branch to elect a Branch Retired Members’ Secretary who also serves as their representative on the Branch Committee. Unlike the self-organised groups, retired members have no right to form a Branch Retired Members’ Group, rather the Code of Good Branch Practice only requires branches to consider establishing such a group.

Conference considers that UNISON rules should define:-

i. the right of retired members to form branch groups;

ii. that groups may elect their own representatives to the Branch

Committee and to other levels of retired members organisations and may formulate motions, proposals, etc for consideration;

iii. that retired members should have adequate and agreed funding

from the branch and other resources including access to education and training, publicity and communication; and

iv. the responsibility of the branch Retired Members’ Groups to work within UNISON’s policies and rules and to make a report of their activities to the Branch AGM.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to consult Regional Retired Members’ Committees and Branch Retired Members’ Groups with a view to formulating an amendment to rules along these lines for the Retired Members Organisation OR the National Executive Council OR a branch to propose to National Delegates Conference.