Two-Tier Workforce

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2010 Local Government Service Group Conference
18 February 2010
Carried as Amended

This Conference notes that large-scale privatisation is growing as a response to political ideology and finance pressures. This affects individual UNISON members in the Local Government Service Group and also affects our ability to organise collectively and effectively.

TUPE and the “Two-Tier Code” were designed to provide legal protection for transferred and new employees, although it is regrettable that the Government has not modernised the “Two-Tier Code”, despite a major campaign by UNISON. However these regulations mean little if members and activists do not know about them and they are not enforced by strong organisation and bargaining.

This Conference believes that UNISON is not just a union for directly employed local government staff or outsourced staff protected by TUPE. To survive and grow we must recruit and represent all workers providing local public services, and the “Two-Tier Code” is potentially an excellent organising tool.

This Conference resolves to call on the Service Group Executive to:

1)Work with branches to identify and publicise examples of the unfairness of the two-tier workforce

2)Re-issue branch guidance on the Two-Tier Code

3)Run Regional briefings for activists and paid officials on the Code and how to use it

4)Support branches using the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure to enforce the Code

5)Ensure that equality audits are carried out whenever services are privatised and that the equality legislation is used to the full to ensure negotiated and legal remedies to discrimination

6)Campaign to ensure there are enough resources from central and local government to monitor and enforce the application of the Code.