School Support Staff

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2010 Local Government Service Group Conference
19 February 2010

As a largely female, low paid workforce, organising and recruiting school support staff to improve terms and conditions has to be at the heart of UNISON’s agenda.

The newly developed School Support Staff Negotiating Body will provide an opportunity to address discrepancies in pay and working conditions in schools.

Conference will be aware of the successful campaigns run across many regions in recruiting and organising school based staff but there are still difficulties accessing many schools and in achieving facility time for support staff. Conference calls on the SGE to continue to build on the success of this year’s campaign in recruiting and organising in our schools and to lobby the government to end the two-tier workforce in schools.

Conference calls on the SGE to:

1)Encourage branches and regions to consider organising shop stewards training in holiday periods and at weekends or at other times suitable for school workers

2)Make these fully accessible through offering quality childcare and transport if necessary

3)Encourage branches to continue, or to develop, school specific training, monitoring take up and impact and focusing on areas of low density

4)Campaign for the proposals for the working year to reflect those of teaching staff and the end of inequity of a two-tier workforce in our schools

5)Lobby government for a wide remit for the SSSNB and for the establishment of a ‘School Support Staff Terms and Conditions Handbook’

6)Seek the full involvement of branches on an implementation strategy

7)Campaign to prevent the employer from undermining the agreement because of cost pressures

8)Campaign to extend the agreement to Trust Schools and Academies