Love Your Libraries

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2010 Local Government Service Group Conference
17 February 2010
Carried as Amended

This Service Group welcomes the Love Your Libraries campaign launched by UNISON in February.

Library services make an essential contribution to local communities and educational achievement.

However the service has suffered years of funding cuts and the threat of closures is growing.

Despite the pressures, many libraries are developing innovative and imaginative ways of serving local communities.

We need to build upon the best practice across the country.

We call upon the Service Group Executive to work with the Library Campaign, Campaign for the Book, and other groups, including those involving service users and the local community more generally, to:

1)Support branches in their campaigns against closures and cuts in opening hours and resources

2)Defend vigorously both the service and our members’ jobs and terms and conditions, including, where appropriate, through industrial action within UNISON’s rules and procedures.

3)Ensure libraries and councils throughout the UK share the good practice, encouraging innovative methods within a public accountable framework

4)Ensure staff training is expanded and professional development encouraged to support the delivery of an responsive and high quality service