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2010 National LGBT Conference
30 July 2010

Conference stands together on Trans Memorial Day 2010 in solemn remembrance of the terrible number of trans people who have lost their lives through violent death as a result of hatred due to being who they are. We also remember those many trans people who have taken their own lives, because the bigotry and terrible difficulties they faced as trans people became too much.

We welcome the chance on the annual trans memorial day which is this year during our conference on 20th November 2010, in order to celebrate the lives of all the many many trans people who have lost their lives due to the hatred of others.

We deplore the fact that in many countries of the world, trans people as well as lesbian women, gay men and bisexual people, are still put to death or imprisoned by the state; and that in some countries where it is not illegal to be trans, the authorities are sympathetic to the perpetrators of trans violence, are complicit in allowing violence against trans people to happen, and without any unbiased investigation. Even in the UK, where we do have some laws to protect trans people, we note that the authorities do not always take crime against trans people seriously due to their own prejudice; and that trans people often continue to face hatred, hurtful prejudice and discrimination from within the public sector and other organisations.

Conference, trans people in all parts of the world face a daily torment of discrimination, hatred and violence. What is less documented is the horrific murders of trans people around the world and just looking at the information ILGA has collated highlights the plight of many trans people.

Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring Project reveals that more than 160 murders of trans people in the last 12 months of which 16 took place in Europe.

Turkey 6



Spain 2

Russia 1

Serbia 1

This Conference calls upon the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Committee to:

1.Consider having a minutes silence in respect of trans memorial day at future National LGBT Conferences;

2.To work with the National Executive Council, Regions and the Trades Union Congress LGBT Committee to campaign for better rights and respect for trans-gendered people in the UK and through international organisations.