The New Equality Legislation

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2010 National LGBT Conference
21 July 2010
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the new Equality legislation following the successful passing of the Equality Bill prior to the General Election earlier this year. It is expected that the Equality Act will be phased in from the autumn of 2010.

This new Act now includes protection for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and especially Transgender people in a single piece of legislation. Conference believes this legislation should be used in meaningful negotiations with employers, especially with the difficulties that will no doubt affect many of our members in their jobs.

The Act provides a useful and now wide ranging basis for negotiating in the workplace and can be used as a bargaining tool, to improve policies and procedures of employers. It also provides long awaited protection for our transgender members who have faced discrimination for some time in their employment.

Conference requests the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee to:

1.Formulate guidance for branches and self organised groups on how to use the new legislation effectively, in organising and negotiating opportunities;

2.Encourage training on the new Equality Act for all UNISON representatives – highlighting the importance of the changes in legislation with regards to transgender members.