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2010 National LGBT Conference
4 October 2010

Conference notes that whilst National Delegate Conference did not debate Motion 9, which called for a review of self organisation, the National Executive Council (NEC) has included this in their work programme and set up a working party of members of the NEC’s Development and Organisation Committee and chairs (or their nominees) of the national self organised committees, to co-ordinate this review.

Motion 9 called for increasing participation in self organisation and re-invigorating self-organisation. We note that the amendments will not be considered as part of this review.

Conference believes that this review provides the opportunity for the LGBT self organised group to showcase the excellent bargaining, organising and campaigning work we have done at a national, regional and branch level and the contributions that we have made to the mainstream UNISON agenda.

Whether it be recruiting new UNISON members at Pride events, bargaining for the hidden workforce, organising against cuts and job losses or campaigning on international issues, the LGBT self organised group plays a crucial role in UNISON.

Conference therefore instructs the National LGBT Committee to:

1.Participate fully in the review;

2.Showcase our work and achievements, reflecting UNISON’s objectives;

3.Include the national LGBT committee caucuses fully in discussions on the response to the review;

4.Brief regional and branch LGBT groups on how to frame responses to the review.

Conference also strongly recommends regional LGBT groups:

A.Proactively engage in the review at regional level;

B.Include discussion about the review at a regional group meeting;

C.Try to engage as many LGBT members as possible in the review.