Encouraging Participation

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2010 National LGBT Conference
28 July 2010

National Bisexual Members’ Caucus

Conference notes with pride that equality is at the heart of our union and recognises that self organisation is an integral part of equality.

Conference unfortunately also notes that some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and other self organised group members continue to experience unnecessary hindrances in attending their UNISON self organised group annual conferences.

Conference believes more can be done to proactively address these issues and diminish these difficulties. Conference welcomes the fact that attendance at conferences, including the self-organised group conferences, is one of the measures in the joint branch assessment process, by which regions work with branches on UNISON’s priority issues.

Conference asks the National LGBT Committee to:

1.Seek information on the outcomes of the joint branch assessment measure on conference attendance;

2.Continue to request information from regional LGBT groups on members facing difficulties in attending conference;

3.Encourage regional LGBT groups to work with branches who are slow to respond to their members’ requests to attend self organised group conferences;

4.Investigate other appropriate means of reducing the hindrances some self organised group members have in attending their annual conferences;

5.Work with regional and branch self organised groups in order to develop strategies to increase active participation in self organisation.