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2010 National LGBT Conference
4 October 2010

Conference expresses concern over the Government’s proposals to address the deficit by their slash and cut approach to public services, in particularly local government and health. Conference believes the attacks on jobs and services will have a disproportionate effect on disabled, Black and other sectors of the community who are both public service workers and users.

Cuts in pay, decreases in benefits, increased taxes, job losses, rising poverty, coupled with services being axed and privatised, will have a detrimental effect on disabled people. The services hardest hit, such as children’s services, social care, health and medical care, education, support and advocacy groups, are the very services that disabled people use and work in.

Conference instructs the National LGBT Committee, working with relevant structures of the union, to:

1. Be a visible presence in UNISON’s million voices campaign against the attacks on our jobs, pay and services;

2. Actively campaign to support LGBT members who may suffer multiple discrimination and may be affected disproportionately by the decimation of our public services, such as disabled, black and low paid members;

3. Urge our regional and branch LGBT groups and LGBT members to be visible in such campaigns at national, regional and local levels.