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2010 Health Care Service Group Conference
11 December 2009

Would ask the SGE to re-affirm it’s commitment in opposing the so – called re-tendering of contracts dressed up as best practises as it is divisive, it impacts on a range of issues.

1)Staff being transferred or TUPE’d, which opens up an array of problems. Like work bases and conditions of service.

2)If the bid goes to the private sector. The wider implications of that.

3)It misleads staff into thinking they only have 3 year contracts.

4)In defending public services, the public don’t always understand the wider implications.

We have had to endure this for the last few years, and all this is, is a cost cutting exercise for the cheapest bidder. It does not recognise quality or commitment only cost.

So how can this be best value, In particular when its trust competing against each other and the cost that is attached to this.

UNISON is committed to ensuring that there is a fully funded NHS not the re-tendering of contracts disguised as best practise. We ask the SGE to raise this as a priority and expose, this bad practise at every opportunity.

Please support this motion on behalf of the Yorkshire/Humberside region