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2010 National Disabled Members' Conference
6 July 2010
Carried as Amended

This Conference, like the rest of UNISON, will be shocked at the vicious cuts proposed to the public sector in particular in the community and voluntary sectors,

by the Coalition Government.

Major cuts in the budgets of the public sector will not fail to result in job losses. This Conference applauds the decisive leadership being given by Dave Prentis, General Secretary in defending and speaking up for the public sector.

Conference supports UNISON’s Million Voices campaign to defend the public sector. Public Sector employment especially in the community and voluntary sectors is vital to disabled citizen’s employment opportunity. At a time of economic recession the voice of our disabled members cannot be silent in seeking to protect public sector employment and the essential role that it plays for those with disabilities seeking employment, including Access to Work, Support Workers or accommodating Care Plans.

This Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to ensure that UNISON’s response to these draconian attacks on the public sector incorporates due regard to the issues of disabled members in ensuring equitable treatment in UNISON’s response to cuts in jobs and services in particular, in regard to:

1.Job security and protection of employment

2.Selection for redundancy

3.Severance arrangements



6.Carrying out Equality Impact Assessments

7.Promoting Health and Wellbeing

8.Enhancement of Work Life balance