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2010 National Disabled Members' Conference
8 July 2010
Carried as Amended

This Conference is concerned that 1 in 4 people in this country will experience a mental health problem in their lives (Mind), and that half a million people are so stressed by their jobs they believe it is making them ill. We believe that discrimination against Disabled LGBT workers leads to higher incidences of stress and mental health challenges.

In the current economic and political climate, conference is very concerned that as public services are cut, employers are less likely to implement their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Also that as vital services are cut disabled people’s access to appropriate support and advice may be reduced.

We are aware that the process of “coming out” as an LGBT person or as a disabled person in itself creates stresses in a society that oppresses us. As with other non apparent impairments the perceived stigma of mental health impairment is huge. TUC guidance states that “decisions over disclosure are deeply personal but unions should encourage members to disclose their mental health impairment to the employers as the onus is then on the employer to make reasonable adjustments.”

Conference is further concerned that the actual levels of LGBT employee mental health is under reported and that employers are therefore more able to renege on their legal duties and ignore their responsibilities.

Conference therefore instructs the National Disabled Members Committee to:-

1. Publicise the entitlements of reasonable adjustments for people with mental health conditions under the DDA.

2. Ensure that branches are aware of the useful TUC publication.

3.Re – launch the 10 good reasons document after October to ensure appropriate reference to legal obligations when the Equality Act comes in to force.

4.Campaign for employers to collect data on LGBT employees and mental health.

5.Submit progress report to Conference 2011 and a full report to be available for Conference 2012