Equality Reps

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2010 National Disabled Members' Conference
18 June 2010

Conference welcomes the decision by UNISON to introduce equality reps in the workplace.

Conference believes that such a move will ensure a greater awareness of equality issues in the workplace and encourage a more proactive approach to ensuring that the bargaining agenda reflects the need to mainstream equality and prevent discrimination.

The role of disabled member activists will be key to the project becoming a success, by highlighting the barriers disabled members face in the workplace and in society as a whole.

Consequently we believe there are a number of practical steps that should be taken to ensure the project becomes effective.

We therefore call on the National Disabled Members Committee to:-

1.encourage all our disabled member activists to train as equality reps;

2.establish how the Equality Reps project will monitor the development of the scheme and how they will liaise with Self Organised Groups;

3.ensure that regional disabled members committees are actively participating in regional roll-outs of the project.