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2010 National Disabled Members' Conference
8 July 2010

In line with Dave Prentis’ press release declaring war on public service cuts, we are shocked this administration is introducing draconian cuts to government departmental budgets that will negatively and disproportionately affect disabled women. Of particular concern is the announcement that existing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claimants will have to undergo medical checks to continue receiving DLA. Many women will be adversely affected, including at times of particular stress, i.e. getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, women’s cancers, during menopause and during osteoporosis crisis.

Another consequence is loss of benefit income which can negatively impact women’s health; women’s health will be compromised by poorer diets and lifestyle changes.

Disabled women will be penalised while there are backlogs caused by reduced staffing levels and funding. It is clear that disabled women will be the new pariah as the media continues to promote an increasingly hostile view towards disabled, single parent claimants of benefits. The fact that more people are claiming DLA now should be celebrated, not called a drain on the economy.

1. We instruct the National Disabled Member’ Committee to call on the NEC to lobby the government to make changes to the benefit system so that it meets the specific needs of disabled women

2. We call on the National Disabled Members’ Committee to keep members up-to-date with changes in medical tests and assessments and other barriers to benefits for disabled women.