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2009 National Women's Conference
10 October 2008
Carried as Amended

Ovarian cancer is still the fourth most common cause of death from cancer amongst women in the UK.

Every year about six thousand women in the UK are diagnosed with this disease, the majority of these cases only have a few symptoms, which are treated as other illnesses until finally being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Detected early Ovarian Cancer has a seventy to ninety per cent cure rate compared with fifteen to thirty per cent at the advanced stage. Women should be made aware of the symptoms so they can have a chance to survive.

Research is still going on and funds are still needed for this to continue.

To help women fight and survive this disease we call upon the National Women’s Committee this year to:

1)Lobby for funds to be available

2) Campaign to increase the availability of screening to all women

3)Continue to promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer and to support the March awareness month.