Sickness Absence

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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
24 June 2009
Carried as Amended

This conference is concerned that a two tier sickness absence policy is being operated within the Police Service. Time and time again, police officers enjoy terms and conditions that are far superior to those of police support staff.

The Home Office is always telling the general public that all staff within the Police Service are treated the same, but as disabled members we know this to be not the case.

UNISON disabled members who after taking periods of sickness, are often put through lengthy sickness and capability procedures that are not fair in comparison with the way that our Police Officer colleagues are treated. It appears that the Service is more interested in retaining disabled Police Officers than Police Staff.

This unfair and unjust policy needs to change. All staff that work for the police service should be treated equally and without discrimination, so that disabled police staff can work in an environment that is understanding and fair.

This Conference calls on the Police Service Group Executive to negotiate with the Home Office and the National Policing Improvement Agency to bring an end to the way that disabled Police Staff are treated, and to negotiate for a robust and effective Disability Leave policy to bring an end to this discrimination.