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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
25 June 2009

Conference notes with concern the increase in “partnership working” within all

of our public services, which is masking the reality of outsourcing, and undermining the excellent value for money service already being provided by our members.

Within the Police Service this is steadily increasing, however at the end of February 2009 Cleveland Police announced that it was adding Control Room facilities to a competitive dialogue process already being considered for the Information Technology Department.

The competitive dialogue process is basically an invitation to private companies to tender for any service area in the Force they believe they are capable of providing.

The Control Room is the first contact many members of the public have with the Police, and where all telephone calls, including emergency 999 calls, are received. As Cleveland’s Control Room is currently staffed by both Police

Staff and Police Officers in a 75% : 25% ratio then any outsourcing would in

theory release Police Officers for front line duties, a message which will gain

public support.

If this proposal goes ahead then the threat of outsourcing Control Room functions within other Forces is likely.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to use all facilities at their disposal to counter such proposals from a national level, and publicise regular updates on outsourcing within all Forces, including any successful best practice.