Privatisation and Outsourcing of Police Staff Roles

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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
25 June 2009
Carried as Amended

Conference is asked to show its support to our colleagues who are losing status and jobs, and who are having their terms and conditions undermined and removed by privatisation and collaboration, and requests leadership, advice and guidance from the Service Group Executive. By working together we can protect jobs and the service to the community.

Conference asks that the lessons learned in the South West and North East are used to counter any further moves to remove public service jobs from the police service to private companies, who put profits before people. This continued weakening of the police service can only lead to the erosion of police staff terms and conditions, the strength of this trade union and policing.

Conference the public deserves a police service that is professional run by public servants and not run for profit. This motion calls on Conference for support and for advice, guidance and leadership from the Service Group Executive.