No to Privatisation, No to Outsourcing of our Jobs:

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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
25 June 2009
Carried as Amended

Conference is extremely concerned that our employers (Police Authorities) are using buzz words such as ‘Partnership and Shared Services` to hide their true intentions of creeping privatisation and outsourcing.

We welcome the Briefing for police branches on the “South West One” shared services outsourcing project involving Avon & Somerset Police.

Were in the midst of a recession with the world in economic crisis. In such times it is essential that public services are maintained and not destroyed by police authorities becoming beguiled by the rhetoric of multi-national corporations that want to get their hands on police in-house functions. These Corporations will then run them for profit and not for the benefit of our members and the wider community of which we serve.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to campaign widely to make known that public services should mean public, not private, or for profit, and ;

a) The Service Group Executive to produce information to help branches to campaign for directly delivered public accountable services.

b) Publicise widely existing resources to help branches and regions to be prepared to fight off shared services and all forms of privatisation and outsourcing.

c) Lobby the relevant Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPOs) & National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) representatives to make known our stance on public services.