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2009 Police Staff Service Group Conference
25 June 2009

Conference welcomes the new structures on bargaining and supports the needs of the union to create a vibrant and flexible organisation that genuinely and effectively reflects the needs of its members,

We want to develop our structures so that they are more relevant to our members but part of doing that is to ensure appropriate arrangements for democratic accountability are in place.

We are not opposed to devolution of responsibility to Sectors. But, we are opposed without first building in arrangements for the democratic accountability of the Committees to which we are giving the responsibility for bargaining.

Conference notes that currently we have the autonomy to negotiate pay and conditions and that policy of our Service Group is set by our Service Group Conference, made up of delegates from branches accountable to our members.

Bargaining on pay and conditions is the heart of our union, we are a member led union, and this must mean that delegates representing members must have the right to hold negotiators to account.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to lobby our National Executive Council (NEC) to ensure that arrangements for democratic accountability are built into the new structures.