Bargaining in a Multi Party Political Climate

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2009 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2009

Conference notes that in the current political structures there are a variety of combinations of political parties forming administrations at local/council level, devolved parliamentary level and at the employers organisations. Whilst there are still some single party administrations (Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat) there are many more coalitions, alliances, no-over-all-controls, etc.

In the Scottish Parliament there is a minority administration which seeks to win alliances on an issue by issue basis. During the recent Scottish pay dispute it became clear that the negotiators from employers side of the Scottish Joint Council were referring back to 3 different party group leaders within the employers.

Conference therefore recognises that in our campaigning and bargaining we need to note these circumstances and develop strategies that seek to influence a variety of political parties and independents.

Conference therefore asks the Service Group Executive to promote within each bargaining structure an awareness of how to work to influence a variety of parties (except racist and fascist parties). The SGE is asked to liaise with the Labour Link and the General Political Fund to assist in this approach and to identify resources from within the political funds to ensure our campaigning and bargaining strategies are as effective as possible.