Working Against the Far Right

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2009 National LGBT Conference
28 July 2009

Conference recognises the hard work and achievement UNISON activists have made in combating the rise of the far right. The campaign heavily focused on the discriminatory and criminal nature of the far right, especially in terms of their racist policies, statements and actions carried out by far right group members.

We know that far right groups also discriminate against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people and this message is not getting through widely enough to the larger LGBT community.

If the anti-far right campaign was to include wider issues it would assist in ensuring a larger audience and diversity of activists and as such have a more effective and extensive impact when it comes to stemming the rise of far right groups in electoral terms.

Conference is urged to:

1.Develop an inclusive campaign with all UNISON national self organised groups and the National Executive Council Equality Liaison Committee where homophobia, sexism, disabilism and racism intertwine within the far right group’s doctrines, policies and their actions;

2.To build a bank of information on far right groups and their attitudes to equality and diversity that can be accessed by lay officers and paid officers to help assist in campaigns at a regional and branch level;

3.Ensure existing partnership work with Searchlight, Hope Not Hate and others and all arising material against the far right to include the above elements;

4.Encourage all branches to include this work in their Branch Action Plan and Assessment.