Family Friendly Practice and Privacy for LGBT Carers

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2009 National LGBT Conference
30 July 2009
Carried as Amended

This Conference welcomes the government’s new emphasis on family friendly practice in the workplace, and the importance of the informal carer’ role for both LGBT and non-LGBT people and their families.

Conference notes that even when inclusive family friendly policies exist, LGBT and disabled employees and people may be inadvertently outed or inappropriate questions may be asked breaching confidentiality.

Conference asks that the National Committee liaises with regional groups, the Service Groups Executives, UNISON learning and organising services and the Equalities Liaison Group to:

1.Develop guidance and bargaining advice which includes reference to family friendly policies, entitlement to leave for carers, confidentiality and privacy of those providing and receiving care. The guidance should be specifically about LGBT carers and LGBT people in receipt of social care and should include information about the disclosure of someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity and / or disability without their authority and what action can be taken;

2.Raise awareness about the issues raised and feed these into discussions on family friendly policies, social care etc, at all relevant opportunities;

3.Publicise the availability of appropriate guidance.